The Challenge

Recent CMS Administrator Dr. Donald Berwick states that “tempo” is his key priority for improving the quality, safety, and cost of America’s healthcare. Knowledge, skills, and standards exist—but hospitals move too slowly in putting these strengths to work.


Consider how difficult it is to coordinate clinical and operational improvement initiatives that affect multiple service lines; especially in the new ACA environment.  ACO models now need to focus on the efficiency of care delivery as intently as they used to focus on clinical care.

Unfortunately it is all the harder to overcome traditional, outdated ways of doing things especially given the increased work load of the problem solving community.  They often are in different environmental silos which reduces consensus and ultimate adoption.  Email boxes overflow. Time is burned up in meetings. Group conference calls are difficult to attend. Webinars and blogs induce too little interaction. New ideas and even new potential leaders cannot penetrate through the clutter.


We founded TrustNetMD and built the exchange platform to tap into the knowledge and experience of communities who are dealing with issues at the grassroots level.  The Kx allows all members to listen to, and benefit from, the knowledge of those who have hands on experience day in and day out.  Communication is life blood; it must go both ways.


TrustNetMD specializes in knowledge exchanges that manage communities and their interaction. We build communities, promote participation and engage facilitators, often recognized thought leaders. We support needed to strategize and then understand your likelihood and quality of success. With productive discussions, you are better able to understand what can be done to improve success, and how you might navigate roadblocks to your success

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