The Benefits

Empowered Communities

benefits2Effective teams are defined by close communication and collaboration; that is the very definition of “teamwork”.  But recurring meetings and mass emails overwhelm inboxes and schedules. The answer to effectiveness is social media/knowledge exchanges.  This avenue enables efficient communications and collaboration because they are online, available at any time and place. Community meetings/discussions are convenient for the participants and thus are much more likely to get useful, thoughtful contributions that move the team forward.  

mag-glassThis is important...
To understand the likelihood and quality of your success; to maximize your success; to navigate roadblocks to your success

Benefits - Community interactions providing
insights that lead to: 

  • Faster adoption of new products and programs because roadblocks have been addressed; consensus reached
  • Building of comprehensive best practices
  • Requirements for new projects and best practices, especially around new technology 
  • Developing effective messages for new product rollout
  • Identifying of thought leaders based on their community contribution 

Metrics - The Effectiveness of Your Community: 

Are your participants involved?

  • Are they listening?
  • Do they understand?
  • Are they responding? 
  • Do they check back?
  • Are they committed?
  • Is there consensus?
  • How broad is the community reach?
  • Does it foster grassroots feedback?

If you have a need for a virtual content community or
process improvement solution in the healthcare field...

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