Social Media for Accelerating Hospital Clinician Collaboration, Innovation, and Trust

TrustNetMD use of social media in healthcare to solve problems without meetings


TrustNetMD Focus

TrustNetMD fosters physician-hospital alignment via Web 2.0 collaboration solutions where clinicians, administrators, and domain experts can elicit, share, and prioritize information. Knowledge Exchanges are applied to one or more specific problems inherent to achieving alignment such as clinical workflow performance improvement, change management, adoption of best practices, and management initiatives.  

TrustNetMD Catalyzes Development of Best Practices

Enhanced physician-hospital collaboration and trust are essential to the adoption of new healthcare delivery models and meaningful use policies, both success factors in maximizing physician and hospital payments under new healthcare reform legislation. Regardless of the stimulus package, successful collaboration models will improve physician and hospital performance with a commensurate improvement in patient satisfaction.

TrustNetMD Accelerates the Benefits of Health System Growth

In this instance, physician-hospital collaboration and trust are indispensable to success. Trust is built when physicians actually see that they are heard and their influence has an effect.   Administrators can understand the organization’s issues and reduce tensions by eliminating obstacles to alignment, especially when there is misunderstanding of fact. Finding and leveraging newly acquired talent, formation of centers of excellence, as well as easing the overall cultural issues that may arise – like what may occur during the months following an acquisition or merger.

TrustNetMD Operates with a Clear Business Model

TrustNetMD offers a knowledge management service in the Cloud.  Additionally,TrustNetMD can collect and present findings to our customers by charting and measuring content developed through the interaction of the various virtual communities.

TrustNetMD’s Telecom and Healthcare Expertise Creates Value for its Customers

TrustNetMD executives developed and deployed integration platforms in the telecommunications industry that provided seamless global connectivity.  Now serving on boards of major hospitals they understand better than anyone why and how new methods of communication can improve interaction among clinicians. These Interactions can lead directly to quality improvement, growth, productivity, and patient satisfaction. The executive team also includes an experienced health care executive who has rolled out innovation sharing exchanges for one of the largest non-profit hospital systems.

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