Portals – Are They Still Useful

In short sort of.  

Today, especially in healthcare, we need to think about integration.  Portals do this in one direction.  They are good at providing an integrated view of a site’s material, resources, and ecommerce processes.   

 Also, the layout and attractiveness of unified home pages are getting renewed attention and many are not avoiding the 'information overload' pitfall of earlier portals.

But portals are still first generation.   Given there are steps towards the vision of a ‘digital workplace’ organizations are now feeling the real pain of not doing more.  

• Low usage / low adoption of platforms that stand in isolation, confusion among employees: Which platform to use for which purpose?

• Duplication of effort.  Incomplete information.  Isolated or lost content. 

• Poor directory services; employees and customers don’t know where to look for information if the site is incomplete. 

WordPress widgets and plugins that can unite various content types, even those in unstructured  text.  There is a intereting article on this subject by a type II diabetic.   

Compelling landing pages should have not only information, but a seamless way to discuss information and learn from this collaboration.  

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