Our Approach

Our approach is to build an empowered community.  Users navigate with their browsers to pose questions, add images and hyperlinks, upload documents and test answers, offer insights. Users can supply added resources through a Web 2.0 ontological as well as traditional APIs. Communities gain knowledge organized automatically as the community ranks its content and prioritizes its findings. In conjunction with typical hard informational assets such as databases, reports, articles, and research publications, capturing the informal dialog of a professional community maximizes a community’s brain trust. Combining such data with research accelerates the adoption of best practices essential to solving complex problems in the healthcare industry. 


An empowered community provides the leverage to get more done

Incorporating grass roots dialog into an information strategy empowers the community itself to convey quality healthcare delivery solutions quickly and cost effectively. Proprietary design methods allow us to analyze this social fabric of a community: How consensus was reached; who was involved; what resources did they use; what impact and implications can be derived? This process is particularly important given the sheer number of interested parties that need to be aligned. Email, conference calls, and face-to-face meetings are inadequate to meet such complexity.

Disruptive Innovation – Foundational factors include leveraging knowledge wherever it is found

  • Catalyze community innovation from the inside - that is where the knowledge is.
  • Use methods that are effective and scalable - be able to support thousands of members and millions of discussions.  Fewer committee meetings, seminars, reply-all emails.
  • Utilize all eyes on the ground - no restrictions, geographic or hierarchical, means all members of a community are able, and encouraged, to contribute.
  • Permit the community, not an outsider, to set the bar  -  seed a culture of innovation by creating an environment that rewards those who are willing to contribute;  an “it’s your house” mentality to encourage broad conversation that leads to improvement.
  • Ease of use – Our KxTM is easier to use than email.  It is easy to integrate multiple forms of media (data, text, video, articles) in support of a user’s position and can be accessed by all browser connectable devices.
  • Ongoing learning - extends the ability for a community to maintain  a "learning collaborative base camp."

Our exchange serves as the communications backbone of what quickly becomes a tightly-knit learning collaborative—no matter whether there are dozens or hundreds of users engaged in the initiative.

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