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CHW’s – the underappreciated heroes of healthcare

In a study on the effectiveness of a community health worker outreach program on healthcare utilization of west Baltimore City Medicaid patients with diabetes, with or without hypertension: The CHW program resulted in an average savings of 2,245 dollars per patient

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Epic is dangerous!

The leader in an industry where the U.S. government is spending $30 billion to try and make medical records more accessible, Epic has faced increasing criticism that its software is cumbersome to use and was designed not to work with

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The Oath

Doctors have a code guiding their profession that sheds light on why we have come to hold them in such high esteem. Those who embrace such a standard for their life’s work and attitude have a head start on a

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Our real world Knowledge Exchange examples
Visit our examples widget where you can see a number of innovative applications of Knowledge Exchanges in healthcare.
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