Building and Managing Virtual Communities


A community leader talks to an audience that has a common interest.  This team shares their knowledge, expertise, opinions, and biases.   


Effective teams are defined by close communication and collaboration; that is the very definition of “teamwork”.

But recurring meetings and mass emails overwhelm inboxes and schedules. The answer to effectiveness is social media/knowledge exchanges.  This avenue enables efficient communications and collaboration because they are online, available at any time and place. Community meetings/discussions are convenient for the participants and thus are much more likely to get useful, thoughtful contributions that move the team forward.  

What is Needed

Community interactions providing insights that lead to: 

Faster adoption of new products and programs because roadblocks have been addressed; consensus reached

Building of comprehensive best practices

Building requirements for new projects and best practices, especially around new technology 

Developing effective messages for new product rollout

Identifying of thought leaders based on their community contribution

Why this is Important

To understand the likelihood and quality of success

To maximize success

To navigate roadblocks to success

Metrics Tell Us…

…the effectiveness of the community:  Are your participants listening? Do they understand? Are they responding?  Do they check back? Are they committed? Is there consensus?

How broad is the community reach - does it foster grassroots feedback?

Then you can Shape…

…messaging, marketing campaign, and internet strategy;

Budgets – investment strategy, ROI expectations





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