Big Data – What Makes it Special

Conversations are being shaped by big data. Using empirical data usually takes emotion of the adoption equation.  Using social media as part of the big data initiative, can build consensus and trust faster which leads to adoption of new ideas, processes that in turn produce better results, faster.

Big Data dashboards must provide a view of complex data that frontline knowledge worker can comprehend using their own world metaphor. Otherwise the effort will be a waste of time.  Think of  business intelligence systems (BI) used in other industries.  They are seamless.  


The Web of Data is Complex

Big data spans time and space .  It is historical, real-time, predictive, analytical, detailed, personal, comprehensive, visual, applicable, updateable,

The Vector of Believability:  The following can only happen once:   Incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate results.  

It All Starts with Integration

Integration is everything, and a very hard problem.  Integration is the largest single challenge for IT-centric enterprises and has been since the beginning of time.  Remember the Internet got its start by connecting two universities (Berkley and MIT??)

Integration is much harder when the content is unstructured or semi structured like in document files , web pages, blogs, forums, discussion and collaboration tools , research libraries. 

IT spends 40-60% of their budget on integration.   90% of integration costs are due to disjointed semantics. 

Information is not just hard data.  It must include the tacit knowledge contained in the heads of or knowledge workers or “front liners”  How else can you build trust.  Soft assets come from people; meetings, conferences, debates, the coffee maker. 

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