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CHW’s – the underappreciated heroes of healthcare

In a study on the effectiveness of a community health worker outreach program on healthcare utilization of west Baltimore City Medicaid patients with diabetes, with or without hypertension: The CHW program resulted in an average savings of 2,245 dollars per patient

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Epic is dangerous!

The leader in an industry where the U.S. government is spending $30 billion to try and make medical records more accessible, Epic has faced increasing criticism that its software is cumbersome to use and was designed not to work with

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Building and Managing Virtual Communities

ScenarioA community leader talks to an audience that has a common interest.  This team shares their knowledge, expertise, opinions, and biases.   FactsEffective teams are defined by close communication and collaboration; that is the very definition of “teamwork”.But recurring meetings and

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A Knowledge Exchange User Experience. What one looks like?

User InterfaceThe Kx platform is designed to be extended, customized, scaled and integrated in many different ways.  The posts, tags, categories and pages are accessible to outside systems via the Web. All the key features and functions of the knowledge

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Social Media for Accelerating Hospital Clinician Collaboration, Innovation, and Trust

TrustNetMD use of social media in healthcare to solve problems without meetings TrustNetMD FocusTrustNetMD fosters physician-hospital alignment via Web 2.0 collaboration solutions where clinicians, administrators, and domain experts can elicit, share, and prioritize information. Knowledge Exchanges are applied to one or

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Knowledge Sharing and Creation – Cross-Silo Communications

Questions Begin the Process Questions, not StatementsKnowledge exchanges generate discussions.  We start with questions because they tend to ignite thinking as opposed to statements that can polarize.  A question solicits thought and challenges a person’s intellect.  This brainstorming is the ember

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The Oath

Doctors have a code guiding their profession that sheds light on why we have come to hold them in such high esteem. Those who embrace such a standard for their life’s work and attitude have a head start on a

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Portals – Are They Still Useful

In short sort of.  Today, especially in healthcare, we need to think about integration.  Portals do this in one direction.  They are good at providing an integrated view of a site’s material, resources, and ecommerce processes.    Also, the layout and

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Big Data – What Makes it Special

Conversations are being shaped by big data. Using empirical data usually takes emotion of the adoption equation.  Using social media as part of the big data initiative, can build consensus and trust faster which leads to adoption of new ideas,

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HC has many dimensions

Study after study finds that integration is at the top of an organization’s pain point list. This “n-dimensional” problem defines the need to connect many different resources like centralized, cloud, mobile, and social applications with quality data. Organizations have also
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