• Wouldn't it be nice if everyone participating in consumer driven care and accountable care could be on the same page without being in the same room?
  • Meetings are often expensive and time consuming, and attendees don't always say what they think. Social Learning Networks flatten hierarchies allowing consumers, doctors, nurses and community health workers to develop accountable care together
  • Mobile apps and services are exploding, but how does that help save clinicians time, bridge organizational silos and promote consumer driven accountable care?
  • To provide real value... care team consensus building, collaboration, and learning need more than online screensharing and voice conferencing.
  • Ideally Social Learning Environments for Healthcare would provide continuous and integrated feedback on health system innovation goals, clinician workflow objectives and consumer preferences
  • TrustNetMD's Social Learning Solutions for Healthcare get your consumer driven accountable care team on the same page... same wavelength... regardless of location... continuously.
TrustNetMD combines organizational learning principles and social media technologies to create "social learning solutions" that address the challenges of communication, collaboration, coordination and consensus building in healthcare transformation. Focused professional communities are needed to solve complex problems, often caused by cultural misalignment. Our Knowledge Exchange (Kx)™ platform serves as the communications backbone of what quickly becomes a tightly-knit learning collaborative—no matter whether there are dozens or hundreds of users engaged in the initiative.

For example, a culture of safety depends on a culture of teamwork. In addition, effective clinical teams require close communication, collaboration and coordination. However, current efforts to create this culture of teamwork and collaboration are labor intensive and do not scale. TrustNetMD's  Kx™ leverages the power of social media by connecting silos, removing friction, and ultimately releasing value trapped in our healthcare system.  

Tablet2Achieve faster adoption of new programs, building of comprehensive best practices, integration of new technology, building detailed requirements for capital projects, training on new software (say EHRs), identifying new thought leaders based on their community contribution, or enabling of grassroots feedback from large groups.

TrustNetMD’s secure, cloud-based Kx™ applications are as easy to use as Google Search and Gmail. They are accessed by mobile or desktop and need not be part of an organization’s IT infrastructure.


Kx communities enable communication, collaboration and coordination. Community discussions that take place at a time and place convenient to the participants are much more likely to get thoughtful contributions.

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